The temperatures during the Day are commonly warm or hot; therefore carry plenty of light clothing. The Evenings are however cooler, particularly at high altitudes, therefore have a number of light sweaters as well. People who plan to hike up the mountains are going to be subjected to alpine temperatures and therefore need to pack appropriately.

Strong, reliable walking shoes plus durable clothing are perfect for forest walks. Do not forget to carry a water resistant jacket, hat and sunglasses. Regarding gorilla trekking, please make an effort to bring Hiking boots and best if they are ankle-level boots however ensure that they are hassle-free, Gloves, Thick trousers, warm cardigan, Rain Coat and long sleeved tops for tracking.

What to Carry Along

It is mandatory that your passport should be valid , and you must check the visa requirements before traveling. To obtain the most of the national parks and game reserves, you bring with you binoculars plus field guides. Also Photographers will require a zoom-lens for wildlife best 70 to 300 or related). Fortunately print film plus developing can be done and obtained in Kampala. Also Toiletries plus additional essentials may be purchased within the cities.


Here Driving is done on the left-side. All guests without experience of driving on African roads are encouraged to arrange a safari vehicle having a driver instead of self-drive.


Tipping just isn’t a standard practice in the local hotels plus restaurants; however it is at all times greatly appreciated. However, It is perfectly normal to tip just 5 to 10% at the tourist restaurants. The Guides as well as drivers must be tipped according to your gratitude towards their services. It’s not necessarily mandatory to tip them due to the fact that we would have paid them and taken care of their accommodation while out in the field.

Food and Drink

All Tourist oriented restaurants plus hotels offer very tasty Western-oriented meals, whilst a broader variety obtainable in Kampala as well as a number of larger towns. The Local restaurants offer local Ugandan dishes, majorly ugali which is a firm maize-porridge or matooke steamed bananas served with a well prepared stew.

Expeditions / Safaris

Uganda is continuing to develop an outstanding tourist infrastructure, with good quality roads as well as communication facilities. The national parks, recreational parks in addition to the forest truly are among the breathtaking show pieces you can ever find in Africa. There are regulations concerning off-road driving, watching of game plus many others that are well declared at the entrance-gates of the national parks or even on brochures provided at the tourist-offices.

Mountain Climbing

Safaris to the spectacular Rwenzori Mountains within the western arm of the Rift Valley are currently becoming a most loved Ugandan expedition. also Similar safaris may be arranged in Eastern Uganda to Mount Elgon which lies on Uganda’s border with adjacent Kenya. Mt Elgon is an extinct volcano covering the largest surface-area on this planet (50km by 80km) with a caldera that covers more than 40km at the peak of this mountain and Wagagai being its highest peak.

Enjoy White Water Rafting on the great River Nile

Explore as well as experience the less discovered section of the Nile having its beautiful stunning surrounding. You could have in addition to your experience a thrilling Wild jet boating on this river as well as bungee jumping or even a Two – Three hours experience horse riding by the Nile and also through the adjacent local villages for an opportunity to interact with the locals.

Ngamba Island; the Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Do not miss a brief trip to Ngamba Island to see the orphaned plus rescued chimpanzees as they play about and take part in the actual feeding them.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

With approximately only 700 mountain gorillas remaining the world, Uganda is home to over half of the remaining population of gorillas in the whole world and trekking is done in the verdant Bwindi forest as well as Mgahinga forest.